About the Editors

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Jun.-Prof. Dr. Katrin Biebighäuser

is Junior Professor for German as a Foreign Language at the University of Education in Heidelberg. Prior to this, she worked as research assistant at the University of Gießen, where she composed her PhD thesis on intercultural learning in virtual worlds.
Her research interest is in foreign language learning and teaching, mainly in the usage of digital media for foreign language learning, cultural studies and intercultural learning.

Katrin Biebighäuser

Professor Dr. Claus Ehrhardt

teaches German Language and Linguistics at the University of Urbino in Italy. He is the President of the School of Modern Languages and Cultures of the University of Urbino. His main research interest is in the field of linguistic pragmatics, politeness theory, sociolinguistics, fraseology and intercultural communication.

Assoc. Professor Dr Klaus Geyer

has been teaching German language and linguistics at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense since 2012. Previous professional posts were the Universities of Erfurt, Bielefeld and Kiel (where he received his doctorate in 2002) and the Pedagogical University of Vilnius (Lithuania). His research and teaching focuses on the functional-typological grammar of German, linguistic variation, language policy and language management, professional communication / LSP, but also on Landeskunde studies and translational topics.

Klaus Geyer

Professor Dr. Chris Hall

is Emeritus Professor of German at University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu, having previously taught at the universities of Bonn, Tampere (Finland), Leicester (UK) and Waikato (NZ). His research interests are in the fields of German linguistics and phonetics, language teaching and testing, computer-assisted language learning, and intercultural communication.

Chris Hall

Professor Dr. Joanne Leal

is Professor of German Studies at Birkbeck College, University of London. She undertakes research in the area of twentieth- and twenty-first century German literature and film with a particular focus on the representation of significant social issues in the contemporary German novel, including migration and social exclusion. 

Joanne Leal

Professor Dr. Peter Colliander (former Editor)

teaches German linguistics and translation studies at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS). From 2006 to 2010 he held the Chair of German Language and Culture at the University of Jyväskylä in Finland. Since 2007 he has been visiting professor at the Institute of German as a Foreign Language at the University of Munich, where he was acting professor for five semesters. His main research interests are in German grammar (syntax), valency and dependency theory, contrastive linguistics (Danish-German), pragmatics, German phonetics and phonology, translation studies and foreign language teaching.

Peter Colliander

Professor Dr. Guido Rings (former Editor)

is Professor for Postcolonial Studies, Pathway Leader in German and Research Co-ordinator at the Department of Languages and Intercultural Communication, Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. He has published extensively on images of the Self and the Other in contemporary literature and on film as well as on different aspects of Language Learning and Teaching (especially on Business German and CALL). He is (with R. Tenberg) author of the BBC German Grammar. His research interests are in the field of discourse analysis and intercultural studies with particular reference to historiographical and fictional discourses.

Guido Rings



Uwe Matthias Richter

is Academic Lead: Distance and Online Learning in Anglia Learning & Teaching, Anglia Ruskin University's Learning and Teaching Unit, UK. His main activities are in policy issues around technology-enhanced, online and distance learning, staff development and projects. His current research interests lie in the field of learning and teaching with particular focus on learning technology and distance learning.

Uwe M. Richter


Cristina Blanca Sancho

currently works as Senior Product Manager at ProQuest. She has an MA in Scientific and Technical Translation from the University of Granada, and a BA Honours in English and German from Anglia Ruskin University - Cambridge. She has particular interests in the development of new research tools for academic libraries.

Cristina Blanca Sancho